Domestic Services

  • Carpet Cleaning: You will always notice a beautiful fresh smell with a professionally cleaned carpet. It also feels fluffier, in addition it gives a new lease of life. This service is especially beneficial to those suffering with Asthma or any other allergy-prone conditions.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Our cleaning professionals have an excellent knowledge of different fabric types and understand what is needed to reduce the risk of shrinking fabric and the drying time required.
  • Detailed Car Cleaning: Detailing a car requires going way beyond the usual vacuum and wash job. It means paying attention to the tiny details that add up to make the car look show-worthy. Begin with the interior so that you don't have to worry about messing up your exterior while detailing the inside.
  • Fumigation & Pest Control: At premium we tend to fill an area with gaseous pesticides to suffocate or poison the pest inhabiting your physical structure. This type of pest control helps in the regulation of pests that may be detrimental to persons ecology, health or economy as a whole.
  • Home Spring Cleaning: At premium we understand that spring is that time of the year where the feeling of rejuvenation is in the air. And one way of a adding to this feeling is giving your home an intense, thorough cleaning. As you rejuvenate let us do the same for your home. This service also caters for individuals who have been away from their homes for a long time. Don’t let the dust or stuffiness welcome you home.
  • Sofa Sets Cleaning: It is an inevitable fact of life- sofas get dirty (Especially for those of you with children). Chip crumbs find their ways into the cracks, drinks, chewing gum getting stuck to some of the fabrics the list is endless. Luckily Premium Cleaning is there for you let us apply hoe know – how to ensure that your sofa set gets a new lease of life.

Commercial Services

  • Commercial Property Cleaning: Most people spend 40 hours or more in the office each week. We can all agree s a certain type of setting ensures more productive in the workplace.
  • After Party/Event Cleaning: At Premium we understand one of many stressesthat comes with hosting a party or event is the mess that’s created after. We will not only ease this burden wewill also efficiently complete all the mundane post-party clean-up tasks such as the disposal of rubbish, washing up and any other related cleaning tasks.
  • Executive Office Cleaning: Executive office cleaning-we shall ensure your office is thoroughly cleaned before your staff and first customer set foot in your business. We shall also offer general cleaning as your direct.
  • Support Services: We also provide support services which includes messengerial and tea girl services
  • Post Construction Cleaning: On completion of a building project cement splatters, brick-dust, paint drips and grime unquestionably detract from the overall appearance of the finished product. Our trained professionals give you back that shine and sparkling look that’s desired in the initial stages of the development.

Our Range of Services

Our Domestic Services include

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Detailed Car Cleaning
  • Fumigation & Pest Control
  • Home Spring Cleaning
  • Sofa Sets Cleaning

Our Commercial Services include

  • Commercial Property Cleaning
  • After Party Event Cleaning
  • Executive Office Cleaning
  • Support Services
  • Post Construction Cleaning

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